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Caring for Caring

No one wants to relegate our wisdom-rich elders to the demeaning borders of our society. Still, the idea of caring for our elders in their own homes can sometimes become overwhelming, especially without proper guidance from those who have been there. In a thoughtful guidebook tailored for just this purpose, seasoned caregiver Jane Edwards offers philosophical reflections, poignant stories, and practical advice that will help anyone respect, empower, and treat elders as complete beings with the right to live their lives as independently as possible.

Edwards, who possesses forty-five years of experience in caring for elders, shares wisdom accompanied by touching real-life stories that support her desire to ensure that those who wish to can remain in their homes in their later years. Through concise advice presented from the perspective of an outside caregiver, Edwards provides gentle guidance regarding many delicate topics that include navigating family dynamics, creating end-of-life plans, and meeting emotional and spiritual needs. Included is a list of family resources followed by a compilation of real-life stories that provide a glimpse into the challenges, joys, and fun that accompany caring for an elder.

Caring for Caring shares advice, stories, and reflections from a caregiver who has made it her life’s mission to help elders remain as independent and cherished as possible.